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New Album Out Now!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I introduce to you, Slacker of the Year, my brand new(have actually been working on it for yonks) LP. I'm incredibly proud of this album and so happy to share it with you. So many great people involved in the creation of it, and it has come up an absolute treat.

We recorded it late in 2016 with Callum John Barter down at Newmarket Studios down in Nth Melbourne. Nigel Moyes, Simon Lawrie, Andrew Campbell and myself making up the core band, with additional help from Robert Muinos, Olaf Scott and Ross Beaton. Mixed by Cal at Newmarket, and then Mastered at Studios 301 by Steve Smart. Beautiful photography by the inimitable Tajette O'Halloran, and stunning design work by John Wilson.

I'm so lucky to have all these people involved in the creation of this album and its now all yours if you want it.

Its out through Barely Dressed Records and Remote Control.

Stream/Download/Buy here:


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